Under Graduate



  • Enrolment of year I (Foundation Studies) shall be made only when students have High School Certificate (GCE) or equivalent certificate/document. 
  • Graduate students shall have a bachelor's degree or equivalent degree. 
  • Students shall take the entrance exam or any requirements set by Norton University. 
  • Students holding degrees or other certificates from other Educational Institutions and wishing to pursue their studies in the second year or third year at Norton University shall go through an evaluation process conduct by the Norton University Academic. Board and duly approve by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports. 

All students shall pay tuition fees to Norton University before the next academic year starts and the fees is nonrefundable.


For Local Students 

  1. Original copy of BACC II (G12 National Examination Certificate). 
  2. Four (4) copies of 4cm x 6 cm photos. 
  3. Complete Application Form and Registration Fee. 
  4. Entrance Test 
  5. High School Transcript for Foreign Students 
  6. Original High School Diploma (with English translation, if not written in English language) 
  7. Original Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or passport. 
  8. Personal History Statement. 
  9. Complete application form and admission fee (USD 15.00) 
  10. Six (6) copies 4x6 photos 
  11. Transcript of records (with English translation) 
  12. A “Passing Mark” in the English language test (in case of poor English language comprehension, the student shall be required to enroll at Norton's Language Institute for special English class) 
  13. Medical health certificate with standard size chest X-ray